Thank you for choosing Smart Start of TN as your interlock provider! We are ready to get you back on the road quickly. 

Make your appointment today and use the code DIGITAL25 for free installation and $25 off your first month lease.

Service Agreements

Month-to-Month Service Agreements
which means no long-term contracts

In-house TN Funding Assistance Specialist

The TN Indigent Program can be tough to navigate, we can help

No Hidden Fees

All-inclusive maintenance fees so there are no surprises when you head in for your monthly calibration

No Hassle Removal

You can remove anytime, but early removal will cause extension of your TN Ignition Interlock program

smart start of tn ignition interlock in knoxville tn

Locally Owned & Operated

Smart Start of TN is proud to be the only ignition interlock company with operations headquartered right here in TN. We have in-house compliance and indigent specialists to make your install and removal process faster. Connect with us to stay up-to-date with all things ignition interlock!