TN Financial Assistance is Available for Interlock Program Participants

Do you need an ignition interlock in Tennessee but low on income? Smart Start of TN has an in-house financial assistance specialist to help you navigate the TN Indigent Program (EMIF). EMIF insists on accurate applications or they are denied. 

Check if you qualify for indigency with the poverty guidelines included in the application, click HERE.

What You Need to Know

  1. Download the indigent application HERE
  2. The judge AT THE COURT OF YOUR MOST RECENT CONVICTION completes the application
  3. Smart Start of TN must receive the application within 80 days of signature on all documents
  4. We do not accept photos of your application. Fax or scan and email, email is suggested due to poor quality of some fax machines
  5. EMIF requires your application be sent to Smart Start of TN BEFORE your installation appointment
  6. Application MUST include a court order indicating the interlock is required. EMIF prefers the Order for Restricted Driver License (ORDL).
  7. ORDL CANNOT be marked as “Driver Requested” 

Know Your Forms to Avoid Denial

Smart Start of TN makes the Tennessee indigency process as easy as possible. Make sure your applications are filled out completely by the appropriate person (usually the JUDGE) to avoid denial by EMIF and a delay in the process.

Download forms HERE for highlighted and detailed instructions. Using Smart Start of TN forms instead of the Court’s ensures you get the most up-to-date information. Before you leave the Courthouse, double check the highlighted sections to avoid your application being denied.

Page 1: “Uniform Affidavit of Indigency for purposes of EMIF” is the document you MUST submit! Be sure it is signed AND dated by the JUDGE or COURT CLERK.

Page 2: “Order Regarding Indigency Determination for Purposes of Payment by the EMIF.” THE JUDGE COMPLETES THIS PAGE not the Clerk. It will DENIED if not filled out by the Judge.

Submit all forms to Smart Start of TN Indigent Department at or fax 865-288-4126.

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